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Welcome to Bruce's Paranormal Deathmatch

- nice to see you, to see you [nice]

Paranormal Deathmatch is an online battle game where your character fights other people's characters to see who is best. Here is your host, Bruce Forsyth!

"Hello and welcome to Bruce's Paranormal Deathmatch. Right, come here me darlin' the rules are as follows; there are 3 types of character - alien, magic and spirit, you pick one and they fight against other players. If you win I'll give you some Brucie Bonus points and some prize money, isn't that lovely. You can buy weapons and other lovely things, marvellous."

"One other thing you should know: your character will do better against one type of character, but find it harder to beat another. Its not too hard to figure out, it's a bit like "rock paper scissors" really. OK me darlin' off you go, register or log in now!"

*Latest update* 08 January 2019

Code update

It's been over two years since the last update. This isn't anything too big that will rock your socks off, but I'd just like to let everyone know.

I've been having to update the server's code version up to the latest one for a long time, but PDM uses a very outdated functions that are now deprecated in the latest version. This means that if I upgrade, the site would go down because essential functions would stop working.

Because of this, I've been procrastinating and putting it off because it would mean rewriting every script that keeps the game ticking. However, I managed to find some time and effort to get it done and I'm happy to say that we've upgraded successfully.

You shouldn't notice anything different on the game, unless I forgot a snippet somewhere in which case you would be presented with an incomplete page. However I've tried to make sure that wouldn't happen.

Happy fighting!

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