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Welcome to Bruce's Paranormal Deathmatch

- nice to see you, to see you [nice]

Paranormal Deathmatch is an online battle game where your character fights other people's characters to see who is best. Here is your host, Bruce Forsyth!

"Hello and welcome to Bruce's Paranormal Deathmatch. Right, come here me darlin' the rules are as follows; there are 3 types of character - alien, magic and spirit, you pick one and they fight against other players. If you win I'll give you some Brucie Bonus points and some prize money, isn't that lovely. You can buy weapons and other lovely things, marvellous."

"One other thing you should know: your character will do better against one type of character, but find it harder to beat another. Its not too hard to figure out, it's a bit like "rock paper scissors" really. OK me darlin' off you go, register or log in now!"

*Latest update* 28 February 2016

Version 2.1.2 update

All right my loves!

I know it's been a while since the last update, but the game seemed pretty stable so I'm just adding a few things in this update:

  • CAPTCHA. I added a human verification system which will filter out people using bots. Every once in a while you'll get an alert asking you to answer a question at the top of the page, should be simple enough.
  • Alerts The Alerts system has been renewed.
    • Before there was some bad coordination between the alert and actual events; they should be coordinated now.
    • Alerts are now located under the Nav panel.
    • You can now dismiss alerts by clicking on them.
    • Alerts check for recent fights against you, low health and new mail.
  • Improved messaging. I simplified and improved the PM system.
    • All messaging activity fits on one page instead of having to go back and forth between two.
    • Character limit increased to 500.
    • The 'to' section now has autocomplete.
    • The 'reply' button now fills in the 'to' area.
  • Front page. I added a button at the bottom of the front page updates which now can display older front page posts.

That's everything for now. In the next update I'm going to work a bit on communication tools for everybody, seeing how it can be quite annoying to only be able to use Twitter and PMs for complaints and suggestions.

Also, if you have any ideas for CAPTCHA questions and answers, let me know!

- Brucie

PS: It's been almost a year since PNDM 2015 started, hooray!

Update 02 Mar 2016: There was a bug where users couldn't see any other page than the main stats page, it's all set and well now.

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